Make Awards for children!

You can send them via e-mail, or print them out, or both. Just follow the steps below!
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STEP #1: Choose your Title
This is the title of your award which will be printed at the top.

Voracious Reader Award
for reading almost every book in sight!
Book Scout Award
for helping others find and discover great books!
Word Detective Award
for working so hard to read new words!
Vocabulary Explorer Award
for learning the meanings of lots of new words!
Comprehension Captain Award
for taking control of your reading comprehension!
Imaginative Writer Award
for charming us with your wonderful stories!
Terrific Writer Award
for your excellent handwriting!
Inquisitive Learner Award
for asking great questions & finding lots of interesting answers!
Awesome Achiever Award
for the excellent work that you've done!
Super Student Award
for using such good study habits and turning in your best work!
Thorough Thinker Award
for thinking about all the possibilities!
Enthusiastic Participant Award
for being such an important part of our group!
Incredible Growth Award
for working so hard and learning so much!
Industrious Worker Award
for always working so hard!
Attentive Listener Award
for paying attention and listening so well to others!
Responsible Decision-Maker Award
for always trying to make a good decision!
Creative Problem Solver Award
for thinking of lots of ways to solve problems!
Collaborative Kid Award
for working so well with others!
Super Citizen Award
for following rules and respecting others!
Observant Scientist Award
for noticing and learning important things in science!
Wonderful World Learner Award
for excellent work in social studies!
Number Expert Award
for your excellent work in math!
Sensational Speller Award
for your excellent work in spelling!
Handy Helper Award
for always being ready and willing to help others!
Persistent Pupil Award
for working hard and never giving up!
Good Friend Award
for getting along with others and helping others get along!

STEP #2: Choose your Image

This is the picture that will be printed in the middle of your award.

STEP #3: Enter your Message
This message will be printed in the middle of the award under the picture you chose above.

STEP #4: Choose your text and border Colors
Choose what color you want your message to appear in, and what color you'd like the border of your award to be.


STEP #5: Preview and send!
Now...fill in your name and e-mail, and the name and e-mail of the person for whom you are making this award.

What's your name?
What's your e-mail address?
Who will receive this award?
*What is that person's e-mail address?

*(TIP: If you want to just print this award, and not e-mail it,
you can enter your own e-mail address here.)

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